Dear Blogger

Dear Blogger,

I just wanted to drop you a line to say that I know you're upset about the ranking of your blog but you need not to be. Think back to why you started your blog. It wasn't to be in competition with others or to be the best ... it was because you wanted to write, you wanted to record memories, for you, for your children ... that's what you told me ... and that's what you've done ... you're writing those words you wanted to and those memories are  out there being shared ... but so much more than that has happened since you started blogging ...

... you told me all about a brilliant blogging community, those parents that give such support and such encouragement and who are there at any hour to chat, to laugh to commiserate ... you weren't expecting that when you started blogging ... that wasn't why you started but wow what a bonus ... you even call them friends now.

... you told me about all those comments that bloggers make on your blog and how some of your stories, your words, have touched someone, made someone smile, made someone laugh and sometimes even cry ... you never thought your words would reach so many others and have such an impact.

... you told me how you are doing something now that you always dreamed of and how your blog is so special to you ... it is something that is yours, away from being a Mummy, a wife ... your own space to reflect, to indulge, to be.

... you told me how you've loved being able to read others' words and stories ... how they have made you howl with laughter, gasp in shock, cry with emotion ... left an imprint on your being ... you didn't realise that when you started this journey ... that this would happen too.

... you've told me so much but never have you said you started to blog to be ranked, to be positioned against others, to compete. Never have you said that you won't read a blog if it's not highly ranked and nor will others. It doesn't mean your blog isn't everything that you told me just because of a score ... it is absolutely still everything you told me ... that hasn't changed.

So, I just want to say, don't doubt yourself, remember why you started and remember everything that your blog gives you my lovely because I'm not going to stop reading what you write.


Justsayingmum xxx






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